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Nitto Tape


Fluoroplastic Products

Tape & Film
Excellent in chemical resistance, electrical properties and weather resistance; Can be used continuously in a wide range of temperatures.
NITOFLON specially oriented adhesive tape No.923SL
Specially oriented PTFE adhesive tape with excellent tensile strength and flame resistance.
NITOFLON semiconducting adhesive tape No.903SC
Semiconductive fluoroplastic adhesive tape for static protection.
NITOFRON specially oriented adhesive tape No.923UL
For roll wrapping of polyethylene laminators, etc.
Class H Electrical insulating adhesive tape using fluoroplastic film.
NITOFLON fluoroplastic-impregnated glass cloth No.970-2UL/No.970-4UL/ No.9700UL
Non-alkali glass cloth impregnated with PTFE and sintered.
NITOFLON specially oriented film No.920UL
Ultra-thin, non-adhesive fluoroplastic film.
NITOFLON fluoroplastic-impregnated glass cloth semiconducting adhesive tape No.973SC
Semiconducting adhesive tape consists of PTFE-impregnated glass cloth.
NITOFLON specially oriented adhesive tape No.923S
Adhesive tape with excellent features such as heat resistance, chemical resistance and non-adhesiveness.
NITOFLON fluoroplastic-impregnated glass cloth adhesive tape NITOFLON No.973UL-S/ 973OUL
Super tracking resistance contributes to free designing and more compact electrical equipments.



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