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3M Tape : 

  3M Adhesive Tape

  3M Electrical Tape

  3M Double Sided Tape

  3M Adhesive Transfer Tape

  3M VHB Tape

  3M Dual Lock Fastener

  3M Masking Tape

  3M Adhesive

  3M Abrasive

  3M Mask

Other Brand Tape :

  Nitto Tape

  Permacel Tape

  Tesa Tape

  VST Tape

DaTong Adhesive Tape :

  High Temperature Tape

  Acrylic Foam Tape

  Adhesive Transfer Tape

  Splicing Tape

  Skip-Slit Tape

  Transparent Bumper

  PTFE Film





Permacel Tape 







Part Number List :

593 Acrylic Transfer Tape 595B 2 mil High Temp. Acrylic Transfer Tape 
597B 2.8 mil General Purpose Acrylic Transfer D4952 High Performance Transfer Tape 
P052TLT Adhesive Transfer Tape P155 Laminating Adhesive 

Cloth & Duct Tape (C1S) back to top 
672 Vinyl Coated Cloth Gaffer's Tape GAFFER'S Gaffer's Tape - Professional-Grade 
P201 Cotton Cloth Electrical Insulating Tape P216 Vinyl-Coated Cotton Cloth Electrical Insulating 
P24 Acetate Taffeta Cloth Electrical Insulating Tape P2411 Flame Retardant Acetate Cloth Electrical Tape 
P2412 Flame Retardant Acetate Cloth Electrical Tape P242 Acetate Taffeta Cloth Electrical Insulating Tape 
P64 Multi-Purpose Cotton Cloth Tape P670 Polyethylene Multi-Purpose Cloth Tape 
P684 Duct Tape P685 Polyethylene Coated Duct Tape 
P688 General Purpose Cloth Tape P69 Polyethylene Premium Cloth Tape 
PC69 Cloth/Duct Tape 

Filament Tape (C1S) back to top 
P161 Filament Tape P162 High Tensile Reinforced Strapping Tape 
P166 Special-Use Reinforced Strapping Tape P167 Glass Reinforced Strapping Tape 
P169 Utility/Glass Reinforced Strapping Tape P170 Reinforced Strapping Tape 
P172 Glass Reinforced Strapping Tape P174 Glass Reinforced Strapping Tape 
P2401 Oil-Filled Transformer Filament Tape P247 Polyester Film/Glass Filament Electrical Insulatin 
P262 Flatback Nomex Non-Woven Electrical Insulating 

Film Tape (C1S) back to top 
222 Polyimide Tape 3067M Surface Protection Tape 
3068M Surface Protection Tape 30801 Surface Protection Tape 
30802 Surface Protection Tape 30804 Surface Protection Tape 
3101S Surface Protection Tape 3104H5SPV Surface Protection Tape 
3161 1-MIL Flame Retardant Printable Polyester Film 3161 2-MIL Flame Retardant Printable Polyester Film 
3161-1 MIL 1-Mil Flame Retardant Printable Polyester Film 3161-2 MIL 2 Mil Flame Retardant Printable Polyester Film 
318 H-12 Chip Carrier Cover Tapees 318 H-15 Chip Carrier Cover Tape 
3250 Static Resistant Polypropylene Packaging Tape 354 Epoxy Reinforced Insulating Tape 
354E Epoxy Reinforced Insulating Tape 3633 Surface Protection Tape 
3635 Surface Protection Tape 364BSPV Surface Protection Tape 
364CSPV Surface Protection Tape 4057L Surface Protection Tape 
4057R Surface Protection Tape 4058L Surface Protection Tape 
4058R Surface Protection Tape 4088 Polyethylene Surface Protection Film 
5057A Surface Protection Tape 5058A Surface Protection Tape 
ACCUCLEAR Clear Film Tape ACCULINE Fine Line Tape 
GATOR TAPE PET Splicing Tape GLIDE10 UHMW Polyethylene Tape 
GLIDE5 UHMW Polyethylene Tape J-LAR Label Protection & Packaging Tape 
J-LAR 910 Polypropylene Clear Tape J-LAR II Polypropylene Heavy-Gauge Tape 
J-LAR® Polypropylene Clear to the Core Tape P221 1 Mil Polyimide Film Electrical Insulating Tape 
P2211 Polymide Film Tape P222 2-Mil Polyimide Film Tape 
P224 Polyimide Electrical Insulating Tape P232 1-Mil Polyester Film Electrical Insulating Tape 
P234 1.25 Mil Polypropylene Electrical Insulating Tape P235 Polyester Film/Paper Combo Electrical Tape 
P236 Polyester Film/Paper Combo Electrical Tape P243 Polyester Film/Polyester Non-Woven Insulating Tape 
P245 Polyester Film/Polyester Non-Woven Insulating Tape P245HD Polyester Film/Polyester Non-Woven Insulating Tape 
P245HDF PET Film/PET Non-Woven Electrical Insulating Tape P246 Polyester Film/Glass Filmament Electrical Tape 
P248 Polyester Film/Paper Combo Electrical Insulating P252 1-Mil Polyester Film Electrical Insulating Tape 
P253 1-Mil Polyester Film Electrical Insulating Tape P253-1 Polyester Film Electrical Insulating Tape 
P254 2-Mil Polyester Film Electrical Insulating Tape P255 2-Mil Polyester Film Electrical Insulating Tape 
P256 1-Mil Polyester Film Electrical Insulating Tape P258 1-Mil Printable Polyester Electrical Insulating 
P259 2-Mil Printable Polyester Electrical Insulating P264 Epoxy Reinforced Insulating Tape 
P265 Epoxy Reinforced Insulating Tape P280 1-Mil Printable Polyester Electrical Insulating 
P281 1-Mil Printable Polyester Electrical Insulating P282 1-Mil Flame Retardant Printable Polyester Film 
P283 2-Mil Flame Retardant Printable Polyester Film P286 1-Mil Flame Retardant Polyester Electrical Insulat 
P286HD 2-Mil Printable Polyester Electrical Insulating P325 Non-Silicone Fume Protection Tape 
P345 Non-Silicone Fume Protection Tape P355 Printed Wiring Board Plating Tape 
P366 Printed Wiring Board Plating Tapes P367 Polyethylene Surface Protection Film 
P377 Printed Wiring Board Plating Tape P904 Silicone Surfaces Splicing Tape 
P904HD High Termp./High Tensile Silicone Splicing Tape P907 Self-wound Silicone Splicing Tape 
P911 Label Protection Tape P915 Polypropylene Carton Sealing Tape 
P917 General Purpose Polypropylene Carton Sealing P919 Polypropylene Heavy-duty Carton Sealing 
P921 Polyester Tape P925 Polyester Carton Sealing & Label Protection 
P929 Polyester Heavy-Duty Carton Sealing P951 Metalized Polyester Tape 
P99 Polyester/Fiber Packaging Tape PU25DFA Polyimide Film Tape 
V367SPV Surface Protection Tape 

FlexoFoamMount (C2S) back to top 
587A Stickyback Foam Mounting Tapes 587B Stickyback Flexofoam Mounting Tape 

Foam Tape (C1S) back to top 
EE1010 Closed Cell EPDM Foam 

Foam Tape (C2S) back to top 
541 Double-Coated High-Bond Tape 

Foil Tape (C1S) back to top 
100 Foil/Glass Tape 11 Aluminum Foil Tape 
1432 Foil Constrained Layer Damper P10 Aluminum Foil/Glass Cloth Tape 
P100 Aluminum Foil/Glass Cloth Tape P11 Aluminum Foil Tape 
P111 Aluminum Foil Conductive Adhesive Tape P12 Aluminum/Cloth Laminated Tape 
P12L Aluminum/Cloth Laminated Tape P14 5 mil Aluminum Foil Tape 
P338 Foil/Scrim/Kraft Tape P389 1 Oz. Copper Foil Tape 
P391 1 Oz. Copper Foil Conductive Adhesive Tape 

Glass Cloth Tape (C1S) back to top 
21 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 213 Glass Cloth Electrical Insulating Tape 
440 PTFE-Coated Impregnated Glass Cloth 971 PTFE Glass Cloth Tape 
P21 7mil Glass Cloth & Rubber Adhesive Electrical Tape P211 Silicone Resin-Coated Glass Cloth Tape 
P212 Glass Cloth Electrical Insulating Tape P212HD Glass Cloth Heavy-Duty Electrical Insulating Tape 
P213 Glass Cloth Electrical Insulating Tape P213S Glass Cloth 
P21SP Glass Cloth Electrical Insulating Tape P440 PTFE Coated Glass Cloth Tape 
P621 Glass Cloth/Flame Retardant Electrical Tape P626 Cargo Pit Seam Tape 
P910 Thermosetable Glass Cloth Tape PS2200 Silicone Rubber Glass Cloth 

Paper Tape (C1S) back to top 
712 Corrugated Flatback Tape 734 Repulpable Single-Coated Paper Splicing Tape 
744S Radial Lead Component Packaging Tape 7469 Component Reel & Sequencing Tape 
749BN Component Reel & Sequencing Tape HI-TECH High Temperature Masking & Holding Tape 
HITECH High-Temperature Masking Tape HP-710 High Performance Smooth Crepe Masking Tape 
HP700 High Performance Masking Tape HP710 High Performance Smooth Crepe Masking Tape 
N700 Hot Air Leveling and Wave Soldering Tape P035 Repulpable Single Coated Splicing Tape 
P17 Heavyweight Paper Packaging Tape P271 Electronic Component Reel Packaging & Sequence 
P272 Electronic Component Reel Packaging & Sequencing P277 Creped Kraft Paper Electrical Insulating Tape 
P278 High-Tensile Kraft Paper Electrical Tape P278A High Tensile Kraft Paper Electrical Tape 
P70 Stain Resistant High-Temp Paper Masking P700 Hot Air Leveling and Wave Soldering Tape 
P703 High Temperature All-Purpose Masking Tape P705 Paper Tape 
P72 High Temperature Flat Kraft Paper Masking P724 Colored/Printable Kraft Paper Tape 
P731 Paper Tape P733 Ultra-High Temperature Paper Masking 
P736 Repulpable Single-Coated Paper Splicing Tape P77 Textile Tape 
P771 High Performance OEM Paper Masking P781 High Temperature Paper Masking 
P786 General Purpose Masking/Packaging P787 Medium Temperature Paint Masking Tape 
P790 Paper Masking Tape P791 All Purpose Paper Masking Tape 
P794 Black Masking Tape SOLDERMASK Solder-Mask Circuit Board Masking Tape 

Tape (C2S) back to top 
5000N (C) Double Coated Non-Woven Fabric 5000N (C)B Double Coated Non-Woven Fabric 
500P High Performance Double-Coated Tissue 5015E Double Coated Non Woven Tape 
501K Non-woven Double Coated Adhesive Tape 502 General Purpose Affixing, Joining & Splicing Tape 
5033X Non-Woven Tissue Double Coated Tape 5035K Non-woven Double Coated Tape 
509 Repulpable Flying Splice Double Coated Tissue 509AH Repulpable Flying Splice Double-Coated Tissue 
509AT Repulpable Flying Splice Double Coated Tissue 509N Repulpable Double-Coated Tissue Splicing Tape 
525 Double Coated Butyl Adhesive Tape 525-20 MIL 20 Mil Double-Coated Butyl Adhesive Tape 
525-40 MIL 40 Mil Double-Coated Butyl Adhesive Tape 5302A DC Silicone/Acrylic Bonding & Joining Tape 
532 Double Coated Temperature Resistant Tape 537B High-Tack / Removable Adhesive 
9605 High Performance Double Coated Mounting Tape MC2000 Thin Precision-Engineered Double-Coated Tape 
MC2030 Thin Precision-Engineered Double-Coated Tape P02 Multi-Purpose Double-Coated Splicing & Mounting 
P03 Solid Printing Tape P03 PLUS Repulpable Double-Coated Splicing Tape 
P03+ Solid Printing Tape P040 Splicing Tape 
P041 Solid Printing Tape P049DFA Double Coated Film Tape 
P05 Multi-Purpose DC Splicing & Mounting Tape P2 Solid Printing Tape 
P223 1-Mil Double-Coated Polyimide Film Tape P257 Double-Coated Polyester Electrical Insulating Tape 
P303 Flying Paster Tape P40 Double Coated Paper Tape 
P50 Multi-Purpose Double-Coated Cloth Tape P52 Multi-Purpose Double Coated Cloth Tape 
P55 Flame Retardant Double-Coated Cloth Tape P905 Double-Coated Silicone Surface Splicing 
P941 Orange Double-Coated Polyester Tape RL510 Repulpable Flying Splice Double-Coated Tissue 
VR5321 Double Coated Vulcanized Rubber Bonding 

Teflon® (C1S) back to top 
212 High Temperature Glass Tape 421 High Modulus PTFE Film 
422 High Modulus PTFE Film 423 PTFE Extruded Film Tape 
424 Skived PTFE Tape 430 PTFE Film Tape 
923S Specially Oriented PTFE Film Tape P412 Ribbon Dope Thread Sealant 
P420 PTFE Film Tape P421 5-Mil PTFE Film Tape 
P422 2-Mil PTFE Film Tape P423 2-Mil Bondable PTFE Film Tape 
P424 10-Mil PTFE Film Tape P425 PTFE Film Tape 
P427 PTFE Film Tape P430 2-Mil PTFE Film Tape 
P9235 PTFE Skived Film Tape 

Vinyl Tape (C1S) back to top 
202SPV Surface Protection Tape 220 Economy Grade Vinyl Electrical Tape 
224 Surface Protection Tape 224SPV Surface Protection Tape 
225 Polyvinyl Chloride Surface Protection Film 226 Utility Grade Vinyl Electrical Tape 
228 Vinyl Electrical Tape 229 Vinyl Adhesive Tape 
AL300 Surface Protection Tape AW8.5 Vinyl Electrical Tape 
HID Vinyl Protection Tape ML102 Surface Protection Tape 
ML102W Surface Protection Tape P22 Vinyl Plastic Electrical Tape 
P25 Vinyl Electrical Tape P28 All-Weather Colored Vinyl Electrical Tape 
P28AW 8.5 Mil Utility-Grade Vinyl Electrical Tape P29 Vinyl Electrical Tape 
P29+ Vinyl Electrical Tape P295 Vinyl Electrical Tape 
P30-105 10 Mil Vinyl Electrical Tape P306 Vinyl Protection Tape 
P306L Interlined Vinyl Protection Tape P310 10 Mil Vinyl Protection Tape 
P32 Vinyl Marking Tape P320 20 Mil Vinyl Protection Tape 
P33 Vinyl Marking Tape P335 Fume Protection Tape 
P34 Premium Vinyl Marking Tape P35 Vinyl Electroplating Tape 
P402 Transparent Film Tape P404 Transparent Film Tape 
RIBBONDOPE Vinyl Protection Tape SAFETY STR Safety Stripes® 

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