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3M Tape : 

  3M Adhesive Tape

  3M Electrical Tape

  3M Double Sided Tape

  3M Adhesive Transfer Tape

  3M VHB Tape

  3M Dual Lock Fastener

  3M Masking Tape

  3M Adhesive

  3M Abrasive

  3M Mask

Other Brand Tape :

  Nitto Tape

  Permacel Tape

  Tesa Tape

  VST Tape

DaTong Adhesive Tape :

  High Temperature Tape

  Acrylic Foam Tape

  Adhesive Transfer Tape

  Splicing Tape

  Skip-Slit Tape

  Transparent Bumper

  PTFE Film








All Tesa Part Number:

Adhesive Transfer 
4900 2 mil Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tape 4900 PV9 Reverse Wound Adhesive Transfer Tape 
4966 High Performance Adhesive Transfer Tape 4985 Transfer Tape 
4987 Reinforced Transfer Tape for Permanent Bond 4988 Permanent Reinforced Transfer Tape 
50014 Glass Fiber Reinforced Transfer Tape 50910 Extended Liner Adhesive Transfer Tape 
51040 Dry Adhesive Transfer Tape 51915 Repulpable, Transfer Splicing Tape 
68105 High Performance Acrylic Transfer Tape 7002 Reverse Wound PV9 Adhesive Transfer Tape 
8401 Heat Activated Film 8410HAF Heat Activated Film 

Cloth & Duct Tape (C1S) 
4541 Single Coated Rayon Fabric 4545 Woven Fabric Tape for Bundling of Cable Harness 
4549 Single Coated Rayon Fabric Tape 4563 Silicone Rubber Coated Rayon Fabric Tape 
4639 Rayon Fabric 4651 Multi-purpose Cloth Tape 
4657 Temperature Resistant Surface Coated Cloth Tape 4863 Silicone Rubber Coated Rayon Fabric Tape 
5221 Cloth/Duct Tape 53793 Premium Grade Polycoated Cloth Tape 
53910 High Performance Polyethylene Coated Cloth Tape 53949 EconoMatte Polycoated Cloth Tape 
53950 Utility Grade Cloth Tape 53952 Economy Grade Duct Tape 
53953 Economy Grade Cloth Tape 53954 Industrial Grade Polycoated Cloth Tape 
53955 Contractor Grade Polycoated Cloth Tape 53956 Industrial Grade Duct Tape 
53957 Contractor Grade Duct Tape 53958B Black Professional Grade Duct Tape 
53958R Red Professional Grade Duct Tape 53958S Silver Professional Grade Duct Tape 
890 Economy Grade Duct Tape 953 Economy Grade Cloth Tape 
954 Industrial Grade Polycoate Cloth Tape 

Filament Tape (C1S) 
4231 PV1 Audio/Video Splicing Tape 4238 Polyester Film/Glass Filament Electrical Insulatin 
4579 Bi-Directional PP Filament 4653 Surface Coated Non-Woven Fabric 
53311 High Strength Filament Tape 53314 Appliance Grade Fiberglass Reinforced Tape 
53317 Low Tensile Filament Tape 53318 Performance Fiberglass Reinforced Filament Tape 
53319 Moderate Tensile Filament Reinforced Tape 53327 General Purpose Fiberglass Reinforced Filament 

Film Tape (C1S) 
4090 General Purpose Tensilized Polypropylene 4091 Tensilized Polypropylene Strapping Tape 
4092 Tensilized Polypropylene Strapping Tape 4101PV2 Cellophane 
4128 High Performance Box Sealing Tape 4129 Single Coated Polyester Splicing Tape 
4130 Single Coated Polyester Splicing Tape 4137 Aluminized Polyester Splicing Tape 
4156 Specialty Tape for Film Masking 4215 PVC-Free Fine Line/Overmasking for Design Painting 
4224 Light Duty Tensilized Polypropylene Strapping Tape 4228 Audio/Video Splicing Tape 
4231 Audio/Video Splicing Tape 4232 Video Cassette Splicing Tape 
4235 Label Protection Tape 4236 General Purpose Tensilized Polypropylene TearStrip 
4263 Polypropylene Carton Sealing Tape 4264 Polypropylene Carton Sealing Tape 
4265 Polypropylene Label Protection Tape 4269 Premium Grade Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene 
4285 Performance Grade BOPP Tape 4286 High Performance Grade BOPP Tape 
4287 Light Duty Polypropylene Strapping Tape 4288 Medium Duty Tensilized Polypropylene 
4289 Heavy Duty Tensilized Strapping Tape 4297 Heavy Duty Tensilized Polypropylene Strapping Tape 
4298 Non-staining, Ivory Tensilized Polypropylene 4299 Appliance Grade TPP Tape 
4331 Non Woven PET Tape 4379 Polypropylene Film 
4392 Premium Masking Film with Anti Spotting 4394 High Density Polyethylene Tape 
4426 Polyester Film/Paper Combo Electrical Insulating 4427 Polyester Film/Paper Combo Electrical Tape 
4428 Polyimide Tape 4429 Polyimide Film Tape 
4848 Polyethylene Surface Protection Film 4849 Surface Protection Film 
50103 Strong Adhesion PET-Film Tape 50530 High Performance Polyolefin Adhesive Film 
50550 Surface Protection Tape 51121 Single Coated Polyethylene Film 
51126 Single Coated Polyethylene Film 51128 Soft Strapping Tape 
51136 Surface Protection Tape 51236 General Purpose Tear Strip 
51408 Polyimide Film Tape 51579 Polyimide Film 
51580 Polyester Film/Polyester Non-Woven Insulating Tape 51582 Polyimide Tape 
51586 Polyester Tape 51587 1-Mil Printable Polyester Electrical Insulating 
51588 1-Mil Polyester Film Electrical Insulating Tape 51589 1-Mil Printable Polyester Electrical Insulating 
51599 Polyester Film/Glass Filmament Electrical Tape 53000 PV1 Premium High Strength Tape for Low Energy Surfaces 
53200 Thin High Strength Tape for Low Energy Surfaces 53208 Transparent & Colored Polyester Film Tapes 
53300 High Stength Tape for Low Surface Energy Surfaces 53301 Strapping Tape 
53380 Standard Grade BOPP Tape 53381 Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Tape 
53382 Performance BOPP Tape 53497 High Strength Nick Resistant Tear Tape 
6231 Numbered Audio/Video Cassette Splicing Tape 6232 Numbered Audio/Video Cassette Splicing Tape 
64007 Tamper Evident Carton Sealing Tape 6931 Permanent Labels for Marking High Value Products 
7133 Straight Line Masking Tape 7148 Flange Masking Tape 
7496 High Strength Tear Tape 

FlexoFoamMount (C2S) 
52015 Foam Platemounting Tape for Flexography 52020 Foam Platemounting for Flexographic Printing 
52021 Foam Platemounting for Process Printing 52060 Foam Plate Mounting Tape for Flexography 
52380 Foam Platemounting Tape for Flexography 52500 Foam Platemounting Tape for Flexography 

FlexoPlateMount (C2S) 
52310 Double Coated UPVC Flexographic Mounting Tape 52325 PV3 Double Coated Flexographic Mounting Tape 
52330 Cloth Plate Mounting Tape 52338 Photopolymer Plate Mounting For Flexographic Print 
52350 Photopolymer Plate Mounting for Flexographic Print 52916 Mounting of Thin Photopolymer Plates on Foam 

Foam Tape (C2S) 
4950 Double Coated Temperature Resistant Foam Tape 4952 Double Coated Foam Tape 
4977 Double Coated Foam Tape 51930 Double Coated Polyurethane Foam Tape 
52017 Foam Platemounting Tape for Process Printing 53785 Automotive Attachment Tape 

Foil Tape (C1S) 
294 Foil/Scrim/Kraft Tape 4385 Conductive Tin Clad Copper Tape for EMI/RFI Shield 
53900 Aluminum Foil Tape 900 Aluminum Foil Tape 

Glass Cloth Tape (C1S) 
4616 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 4617 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 
493 Double Ply Silicone Rubber / Glass Cloth 496 Double Play Aluminum Foil / Glass Cloth 

Paper Tape (C1S) 
13503 Paint Masking Tape 2505 All Purpose Masking Tape 
403 Flat Paper Tape 4302 High Performance, High Temp Paper Tape 
4304 High Temperature Masking Tape 4305 Temperature Resistant Masking Tape 
4308 Crepe Paper Masking 4309 Fine Creped Paper Tape 
4312 Flatback Tape 4313 Flatback Carton Sealing Tape 
4315 Medium Grade Masking Tape 4316 All Purpose Masking Tape 
4318PV4 High Grade Paper Masking Tape 4319 Highly Creped Paper Masking Tape 
4320 High Temperature Masking Tape 4322 High Crepe Masking Tape 
4328 Flat Creped paper Tape 4330 High Temperature Resistant Masking Tape 
4334 Precision Mask 4407 UV Paper Grade 
4434 Paper Masking Tape 4438 Wave Soldering Tape 
4441 Repulpable, Single Faced Splicing Tape 4446 Repulpable Single-Coated Splicing Tape 
4447 Repulpable Single Sided Splicing Tape 50124 General Purpose High Shear Masking Tape 
51337 Creped Kraft Paper Electrical Insulating Tape 51446 Repulpable, Single-Faced Splicing Tape 
51911 Repulpable Single-Coated Splicing Tape 53120 Crepe Paper Masking Tape 
53123 General Purpose Masking Tape 53124 Premium General Purpose Masking Tape 
53128 Medium Grade Masking Tape 53131 Axial Sequencing/Bandoliering Tape 
53134 High Grade Masking Tape 53137 Black Masking Tape 
53302 Premium Grade Kraft Flatback Tape 53313 Performance Grade Kraft Flatback Tape 
53603 Crepe Paper Masking Tape 53606 High Temperature Paint Masking Tape 
53740 High Temperature Automotive Masking Tape 53810 Crepe Paper Masking Tape 
54287 Repulpable Butterflies 7176 General Purpose Masking Tape 
740 Premium Grade Masking Tape 

Tape (C2S) 
256M Double Coated Temperature Resistant Tape 3900 Laminating Adhesive 
413DL Double Coated Fabric Backed Tape 420 Multi-Purpose Double Coated Cloth Tape 
487 Retardant Double-Coated Carpet Tape 4872 2 Mil High Performance PET 
4880 High Performance PET Tape 4903 Double Coated Paper Tape 
4911 Multi-Purpose Double Coated Cloth Tape 4914 Double Coated Differential Adhesion Tape 
4916 High-Tack/Medium-Tack Double Coated Film Tape 4917 Double Coated PP Differential Adhesion Tape 
4928 Double Coated Polyester Tape 4934 Double Coated Tape with a Fabric Backing 
4954 Premium Double Coated Cloth Tape 4959 General Purpose Affixing, Joining & Splicing Tape 
4960 Double Coated Tape with a Tissue Backing 4961 Double Coated Tape with a Paper Backing 
4962 Double Coated Tissue Splicing Tape 4963 Double Coated Polyvinyl Chloride 
4964 Double Coated Fabric & Clean Remove Adhesive 4965 Double Coated Temperature Resistant Tape 
4967 Double Coated Polyester Tape 4968 Double Coated Self Adhesive Tape 
4970 Double Coated Gold Line Tape 4972 Thin Double Coated Polyester Tape 
4973 Extremely Thin Double Coated Polyester Film 4980 Double Coated Polyester Tape 
4982 Double Coated Polyester Tape 4983 Double Coated Polyester Tape 
50453 Long Length Corrugated Splicing Tape 50605 Performance grade Corrugated Splicing Tape 
50607 High Temperature Corrugated Splicing Tape 50658 High Performance Corrugated Splicing Tape 
51100 EasySplice Printing Repulpable Splicing Tape 51510 UV Wafer Tape 
51511 PV0 Light Tack Wafer Tape 51511 PV1 Light Tack Wafer Tape 
51575 Economy Double Coated Tissue Tape 51872 2 Mil High Performance PET 
51880 High Performance PET Tape 51903 Linerless High/Low Tack Double Coated Tape 
51908 Double Coated PP Tape 51912 Repulpable, Double Coated Splicing Tape 
51913 Repulpable Double Coated Splicing Tape 51914 Repulpable, Double Coated Splicing Tape 
51917 Repulpable, Transfer Splicing Tape 51968 High Performance Double Coated PP Tape 
51970 Transparent Double Coated Tape 51977 Double Sided Polypropylene Tape 
51989 Double Coated PP Tape 52594 Double-Coated Polyester Electrical Insulating Tape 
61908 Double Coated PP Tape 64620 Double Coated Self Adhesive Tape 
64621 Double Coated Transparent Tape 64622 Double Coated Self Adhesive Tape 
64872 2 Mil High Performance PET 64880 High Performance PET Tape 
6917 Double Coated PP Differential Adhesion Tape 7147 High-Tack / Removable Adhesive 
7158 Corrugated Splicing Tape 7443 Double-Coated Polyester Film Splicing Tape 

Teflon® (C1S) 
204-3 Skived PTFE film Tape 4618 High Temperature Glass Tape 

Vinyl Tape (C1S) 
4085 General Purpose UPVC Carton Sealing Tape 4100 Carton Sealing Tape 
4101 Carton Sealing Tape 4104 Premium Quality UPVC Tape 
4120 Regular Grade PVC Packaging 4124 Medium Grade PVC Packaging Tape 
4163 PVC Insulating Tape 4169 Floor Marking Tape 
4174 High Temperature, Fine Line Masking Tape 4190 Vinyl Marking Tape 
4204 Colored Filmic Packaging Tape 4208 Vinyl/Plastic Insulating Tape 
4214 Non Ghosting PVC Fineline Tape 4244 High Temperature/Strength Fine Line Masking Tape 
4251 Vinyl Electrical Tape 4858 Premium Grade Filmic Packaging Tape 
50589 PV1 Ghosting Free Tape 53619 Vinyl Electrical Tape 
53691 Vinyl Electrical Tape 53906 Vinyl/Plastic Insulating Tape 
60760 Durable PVC Tape 60761 Plasticized PVC Tape 
60762 Plasticized PVC Tape 6930 Laser Label 
7386 High Temperature, Flexible, Fine Line Masking Tape 7475 Single Coated Evaluation Tape For Silicone Cure 





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