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Splicing Tape:

Single Sided :

1) PET Film Tape with Silicone Adhesive


      Thickness:  0.09mm 

       Color :    Green

       Application : Splicing for release paper;

                                   High temperature masking, 200 C; 

                                   Chemical resistant;

2) PET Film Tape for Leather Industry

      PET based, silicone adhesive on one side , Flou coating on backing side; 



Double Sided :

1) Flying Splicing Tape


    Adhesive: Hot-melt, very high instant adhesion, even for PE film;

    Carrier:  PP film

    Color :   Transparent

    Thickness : 0.10~0.20mm

       Temperature : room temperature

    Application : Flying Splicing for roll material in the non-stop printing or coating



2) Polyimide Film Carrier

      Silicone Adhesive

     High Adhesion Version

      Application : High temperature splicing;260 C;


3) PET Carrier


       Adhesive : Acrylic

       Color: transparent

       Liner: red PE

       Thickness: 0.21mm

       Temperature Resistant : 200 C

       Application : Splicing for roll metal or foil;

                  Replacement of TESA #4965 ;


4) Fast Splicing Tape

    When you need save time in the splicing process, you can use fast splicing tape

   or called easy splicing tape, repulpable or non repulpable;

    Double coated splittable tape system with a low release split liner. Thinnest SFS tape for splicing applications in    

  papermill and coating operations.

    Splittable flying splice tape for most grades of paper under 150gsm (80#/3000ft(2)) in manual and automatic 

  splicing equipment.





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