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High Temperature Tape (Self Brand) :

Single Sided Tape :

1) Polyimide tape, made in China


Polyimide tape is made of polyimide film with heat resistant silicone adhesive to withstand temperature up to 500°F.(260 °C)

Application: masking in Electrical and thermal insulation applications, in particular for the masking of Gold fingers on circuit boards during wave soldering.


2) PTFE Tape

   2-1) PTFE Film Tape


         Thickness:  0.10mm 

         Temperature Resistant : 200 °C


   2-2) PTFE Coated Glass Cloth Tape


            Thickness: 0.13mm , 0.18mm ;

            Color : Gray 

            Application : High temperature resistant, 200 °C ;


3) PET Film Tape with Silicone Adhesive


  3-1) 0.06mm thickness,  

            Color : Green or Transparent ; 

            Application : High temperature masking, 200 °C; 

                                     Chemical resistant;

  3-2) 0.09mm thickness,

            Color : Green

            Application : Splicing for release paper;


4) Splicing Tape for Leather Industry

      PET film based, silicone adhesive on one side , Flou coating on the backing side; 

     Application : Splice the release paper in leather industry;



Double Sided Tape :

1) PET film carrier


           Adhesive: Acrylic

           Color : Transparent

           Red PE release film

         Thickness : 0.21mm

           Temperature : 200 °C

         Application : Permanent Fixing 

       *S/A Tape: one side silicone adhesive, another side acrylic adhesive;


2) Polyimide Film Carrier


     2-1) Low Adhesion Version

     2-2) High Adhesion Version

       Silicone Adhesive

           Application : Temporary Fixing, Splicing;


3) Glass Cloth Carrier


        Adhesive : Silicone

        Color: white

        Liner: Crepe paper,

        Thickness: 0.21mm 

        Application : Temporary Fixing of Flex PCB


4) Acrylic Foam


     Very High Bonding Tape, Similar as 3M VHB

    Thickness :  1.0mm , 0.5mm, 0.25mm 

     Permanent Fixing , UV resistant 

  Application :  Fix Glass or Aluminium Plate on Building Surface ;




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