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3M Polyester Film Tape 850

Transparent, red, black, white, silver, or gold polyester with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive

Benefits include:

  • Makes butt and other splices that require high tensile strength and thin caliper
  • Seals, protects, and reinforces in a wide variety of applications
  • Color codes or decorates with long-term holding
  • Transparency with clean removal and long-term clarity


  • Thin caliper with tensile strength of 28 lbs/inch (420 N/100 mm) and 120% elongation at break
  • Long-term aging and clarity
  • Broad temperature range

Key customer needs:

  • Sealing, splicing and enhancing

Technical Data
Adhesive Acrylic
for long-term holding
Backing Thickness 0.9 mils 0.02 mm
Total Thickness 1.9 mils 0.05 mm
Temperature Use Range -60°F to 300°F -50°C to 150°C




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