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3M Double Sided Tape 55235 (Tissue)

3M Double Faced Tape

is a double coated acrylic adhesive on a non-woven tissue carrier. It has a very high level of initial tack and good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces

Double Coated Tissue Tape
3M 55235 Technical Data

55235: 3M? Double Coated Tissue Tape for dimensional stability and
improved handling with ease of die cutting and laminating. The high tack
adhesive provides relatively high initial adhesion and good shear holding
power to a variety of surfaces.
Construction 55235
Faceside 1 Adhesive Type/Thickness: Acrylate /0.002"(0.051mm)
Backside 2 Adhesive Type/Thickness: Acrylate/0.002"(0.051mm)
Liner Color, Type, Print White, 110gsm PCK , red 3M logo
Liner Caliper: 0.0047" (0.12mm)
Carrier Type: Tissue
Note 1: Faceside adhesive is on the interior of the roll, exposed when unwound.
Note 2: Backside adhesive is on the exterior of the roll, exposed when liner is removed.

- 1 -

3MTM Double Coated Tissue Tape 55235
Note : The following technical information and data should be considered
representative or typical only and should not be used for
specification purposes.
Product Number 55235
Typical Physical
Properties and
Adhesion to stainless steel
ASTM D3330-180 degree, 2 mil PET
- 20 minute RT
Adhesion to Al
ASTM D3330 –180 degree, 2mil PET
- 20 minute RT
10000 minutes
Shear Strength – ASTM D3654
(1 nich2 sampel szie)
1000grams at 72? F (22℃)
Relative solvent resistance Medium-Low
UV Resistance Medium
Relative High Temperature
Operating Ranges:
Long Term (days, weeks) 70℃
Short Term (minutes, hours) 150℃
Shelf Life of Tape in Roll Form 24 months from date of
manufacture when stored in
original cartons at 70? F (21℃)
and 50% relative humidity.
- 2 -

3MTM Double Coated Tissue Tape 55235
Application Bond strength is dependent upon the amount of adhesive-to-surface
Techniques contact developed. Firm application pressure helps develop better adhesive
contact and improves bond strength.
To obtain optimum adhesion, the bonding surfaces must be clean,
dry and well unified. Some typical surface cleaning solvents are isopropyl
alcohol or heptane.
Note: Carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s precautions and directions for
use when working with solvents.
Ideal tape application temperature range is 70°F to 100°F (21°C to38°C). Initial
tape application to surfaces at temperatures below 50°F (10°C) is not recommended
because the adhesive becomes too firm to adhere readily. However, once properly
applied, low temperature holding is generally satisfactory.
General All tapes have a tissue carrier, which can add dimensional stability to
Information foams and other substrates. The carrier also provides easier handling during
slitting and die-cutting.
Features 3M? Adhesive is a medium-firm acrylic adhesive system featuring both high
initial adhesion and good high temperature holding power.
Application ? Medical/non-medical diagnostic test strips
Ideas ? Plastic film lamination/bonding
? Splicing
? Foam lamination
Equipment eTnos uaprpe laycc aedphaetbsilvee sq uina laity w.i Tdeo w leaebrn f omrmoreat , a blaomuit nwatoiorkni enqg wuiipmth penrte siss urerqe-usienredsit itvoe
adhesives please refer to technical bulletin, Lamination Techniques for
Converters of Laminating Adhesives.
For additional dispenser information, contact your local 3M sales
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3MTM Double Coated Tissue Tape 55235
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MSDS: 3M has not prepared a MSDS for the products which are not subject to the MSDS
requirementso f the Occupationa lSafety and Heatlh Adminsitratoin’s Hazard Communciatoin
Standard, 29 C.F.R.
TSCA: The product are defnied as artciels under the Toxci Substances Contro lAct and therefore,
are exempt from inventoryl sitnig requriements.
PURPOSE. User si responsbiel for determinnig whether the 3M product is fti for a particualr
purpose and sutiabel for user’s method of applicatoin. Pelase remember that many factors can
affect the use and performance of a 3M product in a partciular application. The materaisl to be
bonded wtih the product, the surface preparation of those materiasl, the product seelcted for
use, the condtioins ni whcih the product is used, and the time and environmenta lcondtioins ni
whcih the product si expected to perform are among the many factors that can affect the use
and performance of a 3M product. Gvien the vareity of factors that can affect the use and
performance of a 3M product, some of whcih are uniquely wtihin the user’s knoweldge and
control, ti is essentail that the user evaluate the 3M product to determnie whether ti is fti for a
partciular purpose and suitabel for the users’ method of applicatoin.
Limitation of
Remedies and
If the 3M product is proved to be defectvie, The exculsvie remedy, at 3MS’ optoin, shall be to refund
the purchase prcie of or to repair or rpalce the defectvie 3M product. 3M shall not otherwise be liabel
for olss or damages, whether driect, indriect, specia, l nicidental, or consequentai, l regardelss of the
elga ltheory asserted, nicludnig, but not ilmtied to, contract, negligence, warranty, or strict ilabiltiy.

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