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3M 300LSE Tape

New 3M Double Coated Tape 9495LE Brings all the Advantages of a Double-Coated Tape to the Graphics Market

London... Graphics professionals who are looking for enhanced product styling, improved end user performance or increased production efficiency, will want to discover new 3M double coated tape 9495LE from the 3M Bonding Systems Division.

The six mil double coated polyester film tape features less adhesive oozing than many traditional laminating adhesives. This means better performance with intricate die-cuts and less parts contamination for a better quality final product.

The polyester film carrier featured in 3M double coated tape 9495LE increases dimensional stability typical over laminating adhesives. Users will appreciate how 3M tape 9495LE reinforces delicate or flexible surfaces. In addition, the polyester film carrier allows for easy repositionability resulting from a stronger initial adhesion anchor to the tape than to the surface.

3M double coated tape 9495LE features 3M Laminating Adhesive 300LSE formulated especially to form an unmatched bond to powder coatings ad plastic components typically used in the graphics industry. It has proven effective in bonding to difficult-to-bond surfaces such as powder coatings, lightly oiled metals, and low-surface-energy plastics, including polypropylene.

The proprietary 3M adhesive technology used to produce 3M adhesive 300LSE offers exceptional chemical and temperature resistance. This feature makes 3M adhesive 300LSE ideal for applications where graphic nameplates, appliques, decorative trim or die-cut parts are exposed to chemical cleaners and high temperatures from transformers or lighting.

3M adhesive 300LSE also resists lifting, slippage and removal while offering performance characteristics previously not available in acrylic adhesives. It is produced without bubbles or craters and offers a smoothness and clarity ideal for use in attaching smooth black graphic applications where other adhesives may affect graphic appearance.

The 3M Bonding Systems Division offers a full line of double coated tapes, recloseable fasteners, laminating adhesives and vibration damping systems for industrial manufacturers to help improve the design, assembly and performance of their products.


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